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Armor Compression Shirt

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The Duzter Armor Compression Shirt is the perfect cut resistant base layer for youth hockey players who want extra protection against blade injuries with the benefits of a compression base layer. The cut resistant fabric around the neck and arms reduces the risk of blade injuries without compromising flexibility or movement.

The patent pending Duzter Armor shirt was specifically designed for youth hockey players and it is available in six different sizes from the smallest mites learning the basic skills to the advanced teens and high school players. Choose your size from XXS to XL.

Duzter Armor Compression shirt benefits:

  • reduce the risk of blade injuries (arms, neck)
  • accelerate post-workout recovery
  • reduce muscle fatigue and time to exhaustion
  • improve temperature regulation
  • improve circulation
  • silicon dots to keep elbow pads in place
  • thumb holes to maintain the protection in place

Composition of the cut resistant base layer: 85% polyester, 15% spandex, polyethylene.

Size recommendations (weight/height)

  • XS: 55 / 4'4"
  • S: 65 / 4'7"
  • M: 75 / 5'2"
  • L: 100 / 5'5"
  • XL: 130 / 5'7"
  • XXL: 200 / 6'0"


Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Hugh Routledge
Great product

I can’t complain at all. Found this product after the tragedy that happened to Adam Johnson in the UK. Got the top and pant for my 11 year old son. We live and play in France, a country Duzter generally do not deliver to as of yet, but Martin and his team managed it. The ethos is to protect everyone around the world. Superb. Definitely will be shouting about this brand.

Came up a little short- UPDATED

The shirt itself is great for product intention and material. The one thing that irritates me is that the Velcro on the back became unable to strap as it wears out extremely quick, that’s a bummer as the window for refund was already passed so now we’ll have to either replace the Velcro ourselves or pay someone to do it. The threading around the collar has already started to fall apart.

UPDATE: Customer Service is awesome. The care in satisfaction of their customers is prevalent. All things are being taken care of and I couldn’t be happier with the communication and care. Looking forward to continue to use this product and spread the word.

Aline Forat
Too small

The size of the shirt is too small, I ordered a midget low because my son is a big peewee and it didn’t fit, and the collar is too thick if you compare with Bauer, ccm or Windell

Great purchase

I have a 7 year old and 10 year old. Both wear this shirt. Shirt is well made and comfortable. The 7 year old previously tried a removable neck guard and hated it but loves the comfort of this one. 10 year old is on the ice at least 4x per week has never complained about comfort or movement in this shirt. I purchased smalls for both kids, the stretch makes it work for both of them (they are 55-65 lbs and completely different body types)

Lita Box
Incredible quality

Absolutely love the gear I got for my son!


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