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Armor Compression Shirt Girls

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The Duzter Armor Compression Shirt designed for girls is the perfect cut resistant base layer for youth hockey players who want extra protection against blade injuries with the benefits of a compression base layer. The cut resistant fabric around the neck and arms reduces the risk of blade injuries without compromising flexibility or movement.

The patent pending Duzter Armor shirt was specifically designed for female youth hockey players.The design is based on the Duzter Armor Compression shirt with a slightly modified shape and a small size reduction. It is available in six different sizes from the smallest mites learning the basic skills to the advanced teens and high school players. Choose your size from XXS to XL.

Duzter Armor Compression shirt benefits:

  • reduce the risk of blade injuries (arms, neck)
  • accelerate post-workout recovery
  • reduce muscle fatigue and time to exhaustion
  • improve temperature regulation
  • improve circulation
  • silicon dots to keep elbow pads in place
  • thumb holes to maintain the protection in place

Composition of the cut resistant base layer: 85% polyester, 15% spandex, polyethylene.

Size recommendations (weight/height)

  • XS: 55 / 4'4"
  • S: 65 / 4'7"
  • M: 75 / 5'2"
  • L: 100 / 5'5"
  • XL: 130 / 5'7"
  • XXL: 200 / 6'0"


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Shannon Barnett

Armor Compression Shirt Girls

Comfortable with a piece of mind

My daughter recently started playing goalie. A lot of the kids don't know how to stop short so they tend to collide with her. We literally got it delivered 2 days before camp. I love the cut resistant sleeve and neck guard. She hates wearing neck guards but she wears this. As a matter of fact, she's so comfortable she wears, straight from the ice to off ice ice training. Outside in the heat (90°F) and she did not complain.

Dena S
Comfort for them. Peace of mind for me.

I’ll never again have to debate with the kids about wearing their neck guard. They’d wear it all day on hockey days if they could.
Now they want the matching pants!

It does run small, so make sure you order the size you need rather than by their age.

Customer service is amazingly responsive. So feel free to ask them before ordering.

Joe Dziedzic

I ordered two small (peewee) sized shirts and was surprised how small they were. Both my son and daughter will need a larger size (med). I gave the smalls to some smaller players on their teams. The name of my AAA hockey team is Dusty Tuuks. Any chance of putting our logo on these shirts? I think I could sell a bunch to the the kids in our program. Thoughts? - Joe

Justin Klein
Great customer service!!!

Great company with a quality product!!! Customer service is top notch!!


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