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Skin Compression Shirt

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The Duzter Skin Compression Shirt is the perfect base layer for youth hockey players who want the benefits of a compression base layer for off-ice and non-contact ice drills. Hockey training is more than just jamborees and team play, the shirt was designed for non-contact training such as stick handling, power skate, shooting or going to the gym for strength training.

This compression base layer was specifically designed for youth hockey players and it is available in five different sizes from the smallest mites learning the basic skills to the advanced teens and high school players. Choose your size from XS to XL.

Composition: 85% polyester, 15 % spandex.

Duzter Skin Compression shirt benefits:

  • accelerate post-workout recovery
  • reduce muscle fatigue and time to exhaustion
  • improve temperature regulation
  • improve circulation
  • silicon dots to keep elbow pads in place
  • thumb holes to maintain the sleeve in place

Size recommendations (weight/height)

  • XS: 55 / 4'4"
  • S: 70 / 4'8"
  • M: 100 / 5'3"
  • L: 140 / 5'7"
  • XL: 160 / 5'10"


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Skylar Ruschpler

Super comfy and light to wear!


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